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Hello dear Dress Delisi customers, Today we would like to talk about a service that we would like to proudly announce to you. We are now making deliveries via PTT Cargo to serve villages and mobile areas as well! As Dress Delisi, we aim for everyone to have easy access to beautiful and high quality dresses. For this reason, we now offer the opportunity to reach towns and villages living outside the city centres. Why Delivery to Villages? As a dress freak, we always prioritize customer needs.

We take into account your customer feedback and act according to your needs. Upon the intense demands we received, we sought a solution so that our women living outside the city centers could easily access the Dress Delisi products. In this process, we expanded our delivery service all over Turkey by cooperating with PTT Cargo.

How is PTT Cargo Delivery to Villages Made? Special PTT Cargo delivery to villages is very easy and reliable. Your products are delivered to your address via PTT Cargo after the reliable packaging process of Dress Delisi. You can place your orders via the Dress Delisi website or our WhatsApp line. After your order, shipping is provided by PTT Cargo as soon as possible and your tracking number is sent to you. Thus, you can easily track where your cargo is. Your cargo will reach your door as soon as possible thanks to the widespread network of PTT Cargo.

You can visit our page to browse our products and shop for free shipping.


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